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REIT Managed Accounts for Individuals referred by their financial advisor, financial planner or stockbroker

Investment Securities - REIT

REIT Managed income accounts are an option for investors choosing to focus a portfolio completely within the REIT and income sectors. Investing in investment securities such as REITs is a way to ensure consistent income while seeking to maintain or grow capital.

Selection of REITs is made based on the rankings and recommendations of REIT Growth and Income analysts. Turnover in these portfolios is less than might be expected in an actively managed growth portfolio, but some turnover must be expected as portfolios are balanced based on periodic reviews.

What's New!

Atlantis Investment Co., Inc. works with clients referred by investment professionals including:Stockbrokers, financial advisors and financial planners to structure income portfolios that meet client objectives for consistent income and preservation of capital.

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Leveraging a REIT portfolio to achieve high yield

For income investors with a higher tolerance for risk, more active trading of a REIT portfolio can provide a leveraged return.

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